About Suntton



Dynamic is a world-class provider of fully integrated chemical manufacturing services. Quality of its products, trust of its customers, health, safety and advancement of its employees as well as conservation of the environment will never be compromised for fast and ephemeral gains. Recognition from its customers/partners for delivering excellence and appreciation from its employees for providing well being and enrichment are Dynamic’s prime concerns.


Dynamic operates 3 production facilities occupying a total of 400,000 m² and employing around 500 employees. The total production capacity exceeds 300, 000 MT. Each facility manages several manufacturing units and is located within an industrial park.  Although some services, like steam, power and water treatment are provided by the parks, some of the units rely also on their own power plant, steam generation plant and waste water treatment plant.

While upstream integration has been maximized, the strategically location of the facilities near other chemical giants has allowed the minimization of feedstock transportation cost. Many raw materials are delivered via pipe line or via tankers, downloadable directly into the facility tanks.

Solid and liquid raw materials, intermediates, in-process and finish chemicals are stored in separated areas. The plant is equipped with many solvent tanks as well as with special tanks for the storage of very hazardous materials. Total storage tank capacity is 40,000 m³.

In the largest state-of-the-art Nanjing facility, DCS is implemented for process control. All the productions are controlled by automatic systems with key parameters monitored in a central control room and non-key parameters displayed in local places.

Each facility operates day after day in accordance with ISO9001 quality system. The Quality Control Labs are equipped with the latest designed instruments to perform accurate tests and analysis.


Dynamic has always recognized that its business does not have to conflict with the protection of environment at the local as well as the global level. Environmental friendly operation has been a build-in concept since Dynamic was established as a chemical manufacturer. Actually, the company abides by much higher environmental standards than the ones set by the Chinese authority. Concerns about the community well-being go in concert with the commitment to the health and safety of the employees. Every Dynamic facility follows the recommendations to recycle as much as possible by-products in order to minimize waste generation and for energy conservation purpose. They all have accreditation with the ISO14001 Environmental Management System (Responsible Care) and China National Safety Standard.



Long-term business relationships only survive on trust and integrity. Dynamic has established ethical code as a discipline, which regulates all of its activities and ensures that clients' commercial and technical interests are strictly protected. Moreover, confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection are essential to Dynamic's business. The broad principles of CDA are therefore fully enforced, maintaining Dynamic’s reputation as a trustful partner.