About Suntton


Dynamic NA is the North America affiliate of Dynamic Tianyin Holdings Company Limited. Dynamic (Tianyin) has a long history of chemical production and owns the largest manufacturing basis of glycol ether in Asia with state-of-the-art plants in Nanjing and Yixing (Jiangsu Province).
Dynamic Tianyin has a total production capacity in excess of 200,000 MT for various glycol ethers and glycol ethers acetates. These products are principally used as solvent and cleaning agents for paints, coatings, adhesive, printing inks and the manufacture of integrated circuit. Other large production chemical are specialty chemicals like block polyesters, plasticizers, organic intermediates for oil production, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, textile, leather and the plastics industry. These include polyethylene glycol ethers, the tributyl citrates, Isopthalonitrile and Xylylenediamine.
From a modest start 27 years ago as a wax producer, the Dynamic Group has become a leading industrial chemical company And pride of the quality of its products, its technology, leadership and its management innovation. The impressive annual growth rate of 20 % observed during these last few years is the result of long term visionary strategic investments, increased productivity, focused R&D efforts, market share increase and larger world exposure. The future of the company looks bright as it is now completing the construction of a new ethylene oxide plant and Dynamic NA takes the challenge of bringing the good news about dynamic’s products to the North America marketplace.